Welcome to the Stereogram section.
If you have not been able to see the hidden stuff in Stereograms, like others can, then I’ll teach you how.

Just let your eyes cross enough so that my two images come together. Sort of like the sausage illusion when we put our two fingers together and our eyes cross. Once you merge my two images you should see three of me but the one in the middle will be in 3-D.
After you have practiced on me you can move down the list and see the harder ones using the same technique.
Were you able to see the 3-D stuff? We hope this helped those that couldn’t see the illusions before and for those of you that could we hope you enjoyed seeing some more.


Rotating Dots Illusion

Once the page has finished loading, stare at the design and let your eyes relax.


Which way are the red dots turning? Clockwise or counter-clockwise? That depends on your perception at the moment. The red dots may appear to rotate both ways.

Keeping both eyes open, try concentrating with your left eye and then your right eye.
You can reverse the direction of the rotation, back and forth, once you master seeing through each eye seperately (but keep them both open).



Check out the Current Satellite Images of Earth. Courtesy of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

 Mother Earth has supplied you with tons of room. Now keep your room clean.

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