You can now stay at Earthovision Manor through VRBO. Choose from one of our theme rooms and enjoy the ride.

California is wild & wacky so while you’re here you can stay in the wild & wacky; Earthovision Manor using VRBO. Things to take pictures of everywhere and with three separate spaces to stay; Steampunk Room, Zen Room and coming soon, Jungle Room.

One block from the Orange Line bus, market, bakery, pizza, Mexican food, Subway sandwiches, liquor store, 7-11, hair dressers, dry cleaners and Barone’s famous restaurant.

Come visit me in the studio and see what I’m working on. I’m a wild and wacky California artist who loves people and entertaining.

Our Steampunk Room has a cozy safe fireplace that uses flicker bulbs instead of fire.
Our Zen Room is comfortable and relaxing. Finally, inner peace.
For those on a budget you can stay on the Couch/Lower Bunk in the living room. Surrounded in so much art you’ll be inspired to perhaps create a masterpiece.

It will be an original experience while you’re here in the Los Angeles area and you can poke your head into the Earthovision Studio to see what Ron is up to. Every day is a different video or art project. Hey, join in the fun.

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